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Rebecca Shafer

Rebecca Shafer is an attorney and risk consultant who is an acknowledged thought leader in cost containment. She is the author of “2014 Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers Comp Costs.” She specializes in training employers and has collaborated with companies — large and small — to help them reduce their workers’ comp costs by as much as 50%. As the litigation manager of a Fortune 500 company with 89 operating units in the U.S. and Europe, Shafer cut workers’ comp costs 60%.

Shafer’s passion is helping companies to improve communications with employees. She also pinpoints the exact cost drivers that affect workers’ compensation programs and finds solutions for integrating claims administration more effectively with internal operations.

Shafer created specialized, highly successful cost-containment practices for global insurance brokers Marsh and Aon. She also managed workers’ comp consulting practices for both, focused on reducing costs for clients.

As CEO of Aon Management Institute, Shafer developed a CEU-certified training facility named Comp Camp, where she trained employers from as far away as China. Shafer also developed Safety National’s Workers Comp Tool Kit, a patented process that identifies and implements workers’ comp best practices simultaneously in multi-divisional organizations.

Shafer’s work with employers has involved touring and learning about the operations of many facility types. Because of her field experience, she incorporates deep knowledge of manufacturing, distribution, printing/publishing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, retail, food service and many other industries into her risk management expertise. She has represented industry leaders, such as the New York Times, OfficeMax, First Group America, Wyeth, USAir and Universal Orlando.

Shafer is licensed to practice law in Connecticut and New Hampshire; her experience includes insurance defense. She serves on the LexisNexis Executive Committee and the National Workers’ Compensation & Disability Conference Committee, and is a frequent writer and speaker.


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