Raution Jaiswal

Raution Jaiswal

Raution Jaiswal is the co-founder and CEO of InsuredMine, an insurtech startup focused on redefining user experience for agents and insured by power boosting any agency management system by adding the last-mile connectivity to increase customer retention, cross sales and up sales.

Prior to co-finding InsuredMine, Jaiswal successfully started two other startups, providing consulting services and software development. He spent 15 years in the corporate sector as a finance and technology consultant, strategizing and implementing large-scale enterprise solutions, with later years in corporate M&A.

Jaiswal’s obsession is customer/user experience; that is evident with the highly adopted design and development of InsuredMine tools. He draws his inspiration from the likes of Steve Jobs and believes that each action should be max three clicks away in app or agency portal. He has a very compelling story to share about how he brought the InsuredMine team together and built the ultimate platform for customer experience.

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