Priya Merchant

Priya Merchant

Priya Merchant is a digital transformation and innovation expert with nearly two decades of experience in financial services and insurance with top global organizations across the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Latam.

With a bachelors in economics, MBA in finance and marketing, and MS in management and technology, she helps organizations across a broad array of transformation, focusing on business and technology operating models to improve operational efficiency, drive business value, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Recent Articles by Priya Merchant

You Can Still Have Personal Interactions

Consumers do not generally enjoy shopping for insurance. This is not surprising, as they are spending money on something that may be required by law but that they hope never to use. Making an insurance claim means something bad has happened: A tree has fallen on a house, a piece of jewelry was stolen or […]

How to Lead in the COVID-19 Crisis

Businesses worldwide are facing new and significant risks due to the pandemic and its many ripple effects. At the same time, work-life has undergone drastic changes — many have had to shift to remote working overnight or find other inventive ways of getting the job done despite the current situation. In these distressing times, business […]

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