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Pramod John

Pramod John

Pramod John is the founder and CEO at Vivo Health. John is team leader of VIVIO Health, a startup that’s solving out of control specialty drug costs; a vexing problem faced by self-insured employers. To do this, VIVIO Health is reinventing the supply side of the specialty drug industry. VIVIO Health’s first solution requires no change to an employer’s current plans and offers significant savings by redirecting existing scripts to lower cost suppliers and managing this effort on behalf of the patient.

Prior to VIVIO Health, Pramod was founder of Oration PBC which is changing the way consumers purchase prescription medications by capturing the prescription in the physician’s office and providing all the pricing options and routing automatically. Pramod was also VP of Strategy and Innovation at McKesson, the world’s largest healthcare company. At McKesson, Pramod helped develop a solutions that leveraged advanced technologies and business process improvements to optimize healthcare delivery systems, infrastructure and supply chains.

Earlier, Pramod founded and served as CEO of PacketMotion, Inc., a venture-funded startup in the enterprise network information and policy management industry. The company was later acquired by VMWare. In addition, Pramod founded, a managed-vulnerability assessment company acquired by SonicWALL (acquired by Dell).

Pramod earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He serves on the Boards of Mission Aviation Fellowship, a global relief organization and 3 Crosses Church in Castro Valley, CA.

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