Peter Puncochar

Peter Puncochar

Petr Punčochář is head of flood model development at Impact Forecasting, EMEA, APAC – Reinsurance Solutions, Aon. He is responsible for the impact forecasting flood models and their development in all territories, except the U.S. His achievements include projects’ coordination across teams in Prague, Bangalore, Singapore and London, implementing new workflows and methodologies, designing flood-related projects in new territories and building links between academic/technical expertise and re/insurance industry.

Additionally, Punčochář provides general methodological and technical insights on hydrology, open channel hydraulics, geographical information systems and remote sensing systems.

Punčochář earned a PhD in hydrology and open-channel hydraulics in 2011 from the Czech Technical University, where he previously gained his master of science degree and where he continues to be a member of the scientific committee.

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