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Peter Hovard

Peter Hovard

Dr. Peter Hovard is lead behavioral scientist at RGA. His role is to apply behavioral science principles and methods to RGA and clients’ challenges.

Dr. Hovard previously worked as behavioral science lead for U.K. general insurer RSA. As the organization’s first behavioral scientist, he introduced behavioral thinking in areas such as digital behavior change, product development, claims and counter fraud.

Dr. Hovard has a PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Sussex, has taught university classes across psychology and has published in peer-reviewed journals on eating behavior, appetite and atypical perception.

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Despite all the attention devoted to the continuing devastation from COVID-19, compliance with mitigation measures is not turning out to be universal. Even public officials have been bending the rules. Indeed, a recent study from the U.K.-based behavioral science consultancy Dectech found that nearly a third of those surveyed had spent time with someone outside […]

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