Peter Blackmore

Peter Blackmore

Peter Blackmore is a founder of Risk Advisor, which has established a fully operational interactive digital platform that makes risk management easy for small to medium-sized enterprises around the world. He has been a strategic risk adviser for many years and holds a risk-related masters degree in international relations.

His risk management experience is underpinned by a deep understanding of the insurance industry, with more than 30 years in leadership and risk adviser roles at OAMPS (now Gallaghers), JLT and the global re-insurer Munich Re. Blackmore also has significant experience outside of the insurance industry

During 2015, he was director for global business authentication in a billionaire philanthropist’s human rights group, Walk Free, helping international companies identify and mitigate ethical risks in their extended supply chains. In 2014, he consulted as a global risk adviser for the New York-based LRN, which provides ethics and compliance risk education and advisory solutions for many Fortune 500 companies.

Blackmore spent most of 2013 as a managing partner in environmental resources management, which provides sustainability risk solutions through its 5,000 environmental scientists and engineers across the globe. He has also spent three years as advisory director for an international resources engineering firm.

In keeping with the risk theme, Blackmore has also had a long-term interest in marathon swimming, having swum the English and Rottnest channels multiple times. He is also a founder of what is now the world’s largest open water swim race, the annual Rottnest Channel swim.

Recent Articles by Peter Blackmore

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The Herald Tribune in Sarasota, FL, Nov, 14, 2016 stated a number of actions that employers need to take in the light of new workers’ compensation regulations in Florida: “Effective claims advocacy, management and communication, along with robust risk management and work safety programs,” are required to follow regulations and run profitable businesses. Regardless of jurisdiction, […]

Risk Management: Too Hard for Small Firms?

Surveys suggest that less than 25% of small business has any form of risk management plan beyond the purchase of insurance. A considerable percentage of business risks aren’t insured, and, even for those that are, lack of appropriate cover and underinsurance remain a perennial issue. Most small businesses have shallow pockets, meaning the cost of […]

Easier Approach to Risk Profiling

The absence of risk profiling at the point of purchase in most commercial insurance transactions globally leads to uncertainty about how much insurance is appropriate and how to structure coverage. This uncertainty greatly magnifies the extent of under-insurance and or non-insurance, which undermines the value and reputation of the insurance industry and its advisers. Without […]

Improve Reputations by Digital Risk Profiling

Perceptions about conflicts of interest in the insurance industry frequently damage reputations. Profiling clients’ risks before recommending insurance reduces conflict-of-interest perceptions surrounding issues like sales commissions, over-/under-insurance and inappropriate/inadequate insurance. Risk profiling can improve the insurance industry’s reputation, letting insurance professionals: Engage with clients as trusted risk advisers rather than insurance product sellers. Demonstrate more intelligent […]

Digital Risk Profiling Transforms Insurance

There are some large anomalies in the business insurance market, including: Small to medium-sized (SME) business spend billions of dollars on premiums globally, yet a detailed risk profile is rarely developed to ensure that insurance producers and carriers are seen as trusted risk advisers rather than just sellers of product. The absence of risk profiling, […]

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