Pavel Bains

Pavel Bains

Pavel Bains is an entrepreneur, futurist, designer and investor in exponential technologies. He is the CEO of Bluzelle Networks, which builds blockchain and distributed ledger solutions for the finance and insurance industries. Bains also provides advisory, M&A and capital raising services for companies in digital media technology. Bains is an investor in fintech startup Bench and virtual reality startup VR Chat. In addition, Bains often speaks on panels and conferences about where digital media, finance and technology are heading.

Recent Articles by Pavel Bains

How Will Blockchain Disrupt Insurance?

One of Bitcoin’s greatest successes has been to show how a network of individuals can exchange value without the need for a central authority. When you consider the implications of projecting the same underlying technology, blockchain, onto the complex web of underwriters, insurers, MGAs, affiliates and brokers that make up the insurance industry, you start […]

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