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Paul Seegert

Paul Seegert

After serving as a Russian intelligence analyst, Paul Seegert worked for a national insurance company. Five years later, Seegert left to fix healthcare and has consulted for thousands of employers.

He is a nationally recognized expert who speaks to employers and advisers. Seegert regularly appears in the media to discuss healthcare related topics; his appearances have included Wharton Business Daily, various Fox affiliates, the Wall Street Journal and its nationally syndicated radio show and others.

Since COVID hit, Seegert also started a marketing company to serve like-minded healthcare consulting firms around the country and is running campaigns in more than 30 metro areas in the U.S.

Recent Articles by Paul Seegert

Aduhelm: Case Study on Paying for Health

In July, I wrote an article that criticized the newly authorized Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm. Six months later, the market response is heartening and, in my opinion, a case study in what it will take to fix the way that we pay for healthcare in America.  A review of the problem The FDA approved the first […]

Aduhelm – and What’s Wrong in Healthcare

The FDA approved the first new drug to treat Alzheimer’s in nearly 20 years in recent weeks, and it is a prime example of why our spending on healthcare is so unnecessarily high and not slowing down anytime soon. The new drug is Aduhelm, an infusion therapy developed by Biogen. A panel of 11 scientists […]

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