Paul Roma

Paul Roma

Paul Roma leads Deloitte Analytics, which offers powerful outcomes, not just insights, for some of the toughest challenges facing businesses today. He specializes in developing growth and innovation strategies, and in applying disruptive technologies that help give the world’s leading companies an insight-driven advantage. His dedication and leadership have been instrumental in the advancement of Deloitte’s life sciences and healthcare technology practice, in particular.

Roma enjoys solving complex challenges that can make a big impact—problems that touch billions of lives and are apt to change many. Healthcare, child welfare and education have challenges that involve a specific type of sophistication and technology. For instance, he has worked to help the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration and Justice (AFRJ) advance its cause in Deloitte’s Innovation lab (iLab), which he founded as innovation leader in 2012.

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Has ‘Data Lake’ Idea Already Dried Up?

Well, that was fast. Remember all those massive, megabillion-dollar data lakes we all kept hearing about over the past few years? With the exception of the U.S. government, we’ll probably never see their likes again. Many of the large organizations that were pursuing those data lakes (not to mention countless smaller ones) have largely changed […]

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