Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft researches across innovation, looking to develop novel innovation solutions and frameworks where appropriate. He provides answers to many issues associated with innovation with a range of solutions that underpin his advisory, coaching and consulting work at

Hobcraft worked in many senior positions within global corporations in global, regional, country and functional levels around the world, tackling different challenges. These challenges have included startups, turn-rounds and significant re-engineering and operational design and automation across a global network.

In 2000 he went into his own business of consulting and advisory work, first based in Asia and then in recent years based in Switzerland.

Recent Articles by Paul Hobcraft

Improving Your Potential for Innovation

Let me summarize where we are today in design thinking. Design thinking has raised a lot of expectations as well as its fair share of controversy. Why are organizations so caught up by DT? Often, it became the promise of having creative ways to solve solutions and work in harmony with all the rational thinking […]

The 3 Time Horizons for Innovation

Finished innovation outcomes do not neatly fit into the calendar year; they need to be seen and evaluated differently, based on their complexity, newness to the world and value potential. The three frames of thought, referred to as the three-horizon framework, break innovation down into three horizons: Horizon 1: Goals or outcomes that contribute to the immediate […]

Don’t Just Indulge in “Innovation Theater”

We have all become totally wrapped up in the “Innovation Theater.” Some have complained of song and dance routines; others, like Steve Blank, have described their view of “innovation theater” based on the current obsession of setting up outposts, mostly in Silicon Valley. We seem to be layering on more and more activities to grab the attention and […]

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