Paris Stringfellow

Paris Stringfellow

Paris Stringfellow is assistant research professor in Clemson University’s department of industrial engineering. Her research focuses on understanding human behavior in cyber-physical-social systems, such as how people make decisions under uncertainty, modeling system risk and human error and improving system resiliency through user-centered design.

She is director of the Risk Engineering and System Analytics Center at Clemson and serves as an instructor in the masters of engineering in risk engineering and system analytics online degree program.

Recent Articles by Paris Stringfellow

Overcoming Human Biases via Data

Managing business risk is a tricky thing. With an appetite too small, opportunity could be lost, but taking on too much risk could hurt profit and performance.  Companies that are not thinking about risk are at risk! Making the move to proactive risk management requires a culture shift, but 65% of organizations say they’re still […]

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