Paige Swanepoel

Paige Swanepoel

Paige Swanepoel is the director of marketing at Vericred, a leading healthcare data services company based in New York City. Her focus on enabling technologies that propel consumerism has been a driving force in her career and the success of Vericred.

Vericred’s DaaS (data-as-a-service) platform delivers plan design and rate data, provider-network data and formulary data to health technology companies that are bringing innovative health insurance solutions to today’s consumers.

Recent Articles by Paige Swanepoel

Big Data? How About Quality Data?

While talking about data has become trendy — with terms like big data, small data, dirty data all good candidates for buzzword bingo — the reality is that, big or small, even if it is clean, data is useless unless it drives actionable insights. Data is the foundational layer that underpins almost every industry, and […]

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