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Olivier Baudoux

Olivier Baudoux

Olivier Baudoux is senior vice president of global product strategy and artificial intelligence for Mitchell’s Auto Physical Damage division.

A highly regarded technical leader and expert in artificial intelligence and automation, he excels in formulating technology strategies to meet diverse customer needs and managing development across global teams.

Recent Articles by Olivier Baudoux

AI and Its Impact on Automotive Claims

For more than six decades, innovators have attempted to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI). It wasn’t until the past decade that the science finally caught up to expectations. Today, the AI market is on track to reach $500 billion by 2024. COVID-19 has fast-tracked AI adoption and acceptance. McKinsey & Company says that “insurance will […]

Transforming Auto Claims Appraisals

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating in many industries due to COVID-19, and nowhere is this more evident than in automotive insurance. At the start of the pandemic, carriers and collision repairers had to find new ways to minimize in-person interaction between employees and customers. This resulted in the rapid adoption of virtual, or […]

Tipping Point for Claims Automation

This year, we have witnessed explosive growth in technology adoption. Zoom video conferencing has risen 574%, Instacart grocery delivery has jumped 450% and Google Classroom usage has increased 580%—all due to COVID-19. The pandemic has truly altered how we think about and use technology. For businesses, it has introduced opportunities for digital transformation. Case in […]

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