Norm Trainor

Norm Trainor

Norm Trainor is the president and CEO of the Covenant Group, referred to by many as “The Business Builder.” His team has amassed and diagnosed research on top-performing professionals, distilling that research into The 8 Best Practices and Business Builder concepts.

The Covenant Group (TCG) is in the business of performance. TCG educates and coaches entrepreneurs, helping them to design and implement the necessary business strategies to enhance their performance and achieve new levels of profit and productivity.

Trainor is an international speaker; is the author of the best-selling books, The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople, The Entrepreneurial Journey and The Business Builder; and has written articles for various leading publications in North America and internationally.

Recent Articles by Norm Trainor

The Entrepreneur as Leader and Manager

Entrepreneurs are doers. One of the strengths of successful entrepreneurs is that they get things done. However, relying solely on their own capabilities is limiting. We only have so much time, energy, creativity and intelligence; it is a finite game. To realize the fullness of our potential, we have to harness the time, energy, creativity and […]

How High-Performing Salespeople Persuade

Are there qualities or attributes that enable the best salespeople to be persuasive? I have only been able to identify one. When a prospect or client looks into a great salesperson’s eyes, they see their own greatness reflected. High-performing salespeople see the best in people. Dr. Wendell Johnson devoted 35 years of his professional life […]

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