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Nigel Walsh

Nigel Walsh

Nigel Walsh is a partner at Deloitte and host of the InsurTech Insider podcast. He is on a mission to make insurance lovable.

He spends his days:

Supporting startups. Creating communities. Building MGAs. Scouting new startups. Writing papers. Creating partnerships. Understanding the future of insurance. Deploying robots. Co-hosting podcasts. Creating propositions. Connecting people. Supporting projects in London, New York and Dublin. Building a global team.

Recent Articles by Nigel Walsh

2021, We Can’t Wait to Get Going!

In my annual rundown of the year that was, and things to look forward to, I like everyone else have missed far too much of what we love so much but adapted and got on with it, traveling the world from the comfort of my own chair. I also watched our industry go through great […]

Insurtech Ingredients? We Just Want Cake

How many companies do you hear say, “We are customer-centric”? Pretty much all of them, right? To be fair, I can’t imagine many would ever come out and say they are NOT customer-centric. But I rarely believe the claim of being customer-centric. What I think most companies mean is that they are product-centric first, then and only […]

Insurtech’s Lowest Common Denominator

This one has been a long time coming. I have discussed the topic time and time again, both on the podcast and with many folks — both in incumbent insurers and at startups breaking new ground. In fact, it’s the countless conversations with startups that have led me to this conclusion. Quite simply, the more insurtech founders […]

Review of 2018, Look at the Year Ahead

It’s that time of year: You unwind (in my case, get a cold!), reflect on the year that was and look to the year ahead. Last year, my “2018, a view through my looking glass” gave me a 60% score for my 2017 thoughts. I’m going to keep the format going and start with a quick look […]

How Sharing Economy Is Reshaping Insurance

The sharing economy is an economic system based on the use of technology to share assets or services between parties (individuals or organizations). Participants in the sharing economy use it because it can provide a more flexible and affordable option than some other economic systems. In this way, the sharing economy makes goods and services […]

Distracted Driving: a Job for Insurtech?

The announcement of a change to the U.K. law that doubles the number of penalty points from three to six and fines from £100 to £200 for using a handheld phone while driving is a positive move to driving safety. But are we doing enough, or are are we still being too soft? Watching BBC Breakfast and seeing […]

Next Big Thing: Robotic Process Automation

The focus for the last 10 years in insurance has been around how to streamline business processes to increase efficiency and create better experiences for customers and employees. New technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have become one of the next big things, not just in this industry but across many. For insurance, promising to automate processes […]

Motor Insurance: Get Back to Value!

My mom called me last night to say her car insurance is going up from  £340 to £370  (from $420 to $457) in the year ahead. She can’t get it any cheaper and is genuinely worried about why the price is increasing.  Her rationale is that she isn’t driving very much, is getting older and hasn’t made a […]

10 Predictions for Insurtech in 2017

It’s time to reflect on the passing year, mark my predictions from last year and throw some light on what I see 2017 holding in store. In my post from this time last year, I made a number of predictions, so, now, I wanted to look at how I did. Feel free to jump in and see how close […]

Insurance Meets Hollywood!

I love movies; usually really bad ones, I’m told! While watching movies, I often find myself thinking about insurance. Over the years, I have noticed how things from TV and film have made it off the silver screen and into real life. This has a very real impact and relation to insurance. See also: Movies That […]

The Shift to Frictionless Insurance

Loic Le Meur, who many will know from Le Web Conference and his new startup,,, had a great interview with Alex Dayon, the president and chief product officer at, about how owning a car is almost obsolete. It got me thinking about our shift to utility-based living and what it means for insurance. In a land where […]

My Top Tips From EXEC InsurTech

I usually approach conferences with mixed emotions, whether attending, learning and networking or speaking. Ultimately, for me, conferences and events are about connecting people and ideas and moving the debate and understanding forward. To this end, I was delighted to join some great folks over at EXEC Insurtech in Cologne, which for me ticked all the boxes. It […]

Here Comes Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is very much today’s buzz phrase. If you are to believe the press, everyone is afraid robots will take all our jobs—even the popular media is reporting on the “Rise of Robots.” (Daily Mail estimated robots will take over five million jobs by 2020, and the Financial Times also threw AI into the mix.) McKinsey says 25% of jobs are […]

What Does 2016 Have in Store for Us?

It’s the time of the year when we look back fondly at the year just gone and look forward with trepidation and excitement at the year ahead. 2015 was, all in all, a good year for most, with a number of significant events that saw a good end to the year. Weather, on the whole, was mild, […]

Why Insurance WILL Be Disrupted

As it’s Pantomime season, can I start this with “Oh, Yes It Will”? (For those not familiar with Pantomime, check out some of the history here.) I write in response to a great post from Nick Lamparelli on why insurance will not be disrupted (here). He takes a really interesting position. But I sit on […]

How Do We Insure Connected Cars?

Without any doubt, connected cars are one of the most exciting and interesting areas right now, with focus from almost every sector: motor manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile and networks and so much more. Given the vast number of partnerships, from Apple CarPlay to Spotify to mapping providers and more, the car will be no doubt […]

The Misconceptions About Millennials

When it comes to successfully engaging with a new generation of customers (and employees), there’s very little doubt that insurers have their work cut out for them. There can be very little doubt that members of the Millennial generation generally consider insurance to be boring and that reputation of insurance brands among this group is […]

Where to Start on Cyber Security?

Because of the recent and hugely public spate of cyber “events,” the world of cyber security and subsequently cyber insurance is firmly in overdrive. According to the UK Department for Innovation & Skills, 81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses suffered a cyber-security breach in the last year, and the average cost of breaches to […]

How Google, Amazon May Lead Disruption

In response to a great piece here by Barry Rabkin, I have a strong opinion. That doesn’t mean to say I’m right here, but I’m reflecting all the customers and partners I have spoken to at length on this topic over the last many months. Barry, really interesting piece. I hear this question nearly every day, about […]

What if Insurance Brands Were Marketed Like Red Bull?

Bryan Adams of @PhCreative recently wrote a great piece on the insurance brand here. Dare I say it’s an outsider’s perspective on the insurance world, provocatively titled: “Imagine if Insurance Brands Started Marketing Like Red Bull.” He really got me thinking, and I wanted to share my perspective: 1. This is a hugely exciting idea, with lots […]

Insurance and the Internet of Things

Depending on the day of the week, one of three buzz words seems to fill every column inch, to be used in the marketing of every new product or service and to be cited in every press release. To me, these are, digital (insert anything here), big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s […]

Insurance and the Connected Car

I grew up watching Knight Rider and seeing KITT, where Michael would continuously talk into his watch, and KITT would drive to his rescue (through a garage door or two) or safely transport him through the night while Michael had a catch-up on his sleep — only to be woken up by the local police freaked out at […]

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