Nicole Comstock

Nicole Comstock

Nicole Comstock is a senior consultant responsible for working with carrier partners to understand how their business aligns with Majesco’s core technical offerings and how changes in the carrier market should drive technology innovation.

Prior to joining Majesco, Comstock was an assistant vice president at Lincoln Financial Group in the group, voluntary and worksite division. In this role she had operational accountability for new business, billing and policyholder services during the company’s banner years for growth in this segment of the market.

Comstock also worked with over a dozen different carriers for over a decade as director of operations at Dell Insurance Services who provides third party administration and conversion services. She was responsible for nearly 20 systems conversions, service transitions or augmentation efforts. With a passion for leadership, she also launched a leadership development workshop that was attended by nearly 200 aspiring leaders over a 3 year period.

Comstock also worked for Security Financial Life (now Assurity) during their first years of entry in the worksite market and worked as an operations manager for Benefits Financial Group, a brokerage and enrollment firm providing services in the voluntary and worksite market.

Having been both a carrier and vendor, Comstock has unique insight into the needs of both. She understands transition and transformation methodology and appreciates the impact of change in these important relationships during an exciting time in the industry as carriers search for strategic technology partners in order to propel growth and enhance services.

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