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Nick Gerhart

Nick Gerhart

Nick Gerhart served as insurance commissioner of the state of Iowa from Feb. 1, 2013 to January, 2017. Gerhart served on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) executive committee, life and annuity committee, financial condition committee and international committee. In addition, Gerhart was a board member of the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).

Gerhart was named by the U.S. Treasury in 2014 to serve on the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance (FACI) that advised the federal insurance office on domestic and international policy. He has represented the NAIC at the international association of insurance supervisors and at the EU-US dialogue project.

Gerhart is a recognized thought leader on healthcare matters and has been at the forefront during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. He also led the team that created and hosted the global insurance symposium in Des Moines, Iowa, an event that attracted more than 350 people from all over the world to discuss emerging issues in insurance. Gerhart is passionate about educating Iowans on insurance and investment matters and created Iowa Fraud Fighters, a statewide initiative that aims to educate seniors on how to protect themselves and not fall prey to fraudulent investment scams.

Before being appointed insurance commissioner by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, Gerhart worked at Sammons Financial Group and American Equity Investment Life Insurance.

Gerhart is active in the Des Moines community and currently serves as vice chair of the Iowa Homeless Youth Centers. He earned his law degree and health law certificate from St. Louis University School of Law and a masters of health administration from St. Louis University School of Public Health. He earned a BA from the University of Northern Iowa.

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