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Nicholas Piel

Nicholas Piel

Nicholas Piël is the founder and CEO of Surfly, a leading visual engagement tool for sharing web sessions online. With Surfly co-browsing, support agents and advisers can remotely assist website visitors without the need to download additional software. Surfly can be easily integrated in existing websites and application to instantly upgrade them into something that enables real-time collaboration with a shared co-browsing view and (optionally) video chat.

During his studies, Piël worked part-time as tech support and discovered first-hand how hard it is to help people remotely. Most of the time is wasted trying to figure out what the other person is seeing (and actually figuring out that the person is looking at a completely different page than you were expecting). This is when he decided to build Surfly, a cutting-edge co-browsing solution.

While Surfly started out as a support tool, more and more clients (Including insurance companies) are using it for innovative use cases where the focus is on improving the customer experience.

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