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Neill Sciarrone

Neill Sciarrone

Neill Sciarrone is co-founder and president of Trinity Cyber.

With over two decades of significant leadership and national security experience, Sciarrone has served as a senior executive in the aerospace and defense industry and has also held senior positions in government at the White House as special assistant to the president and senior director of cybersecurity policy. She has also held key roles with the Homeland Security Council, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Commerce.

Sciarrone was named one of the “2015 Top 10 Women Power Players in Cybersecurity” by SC magazine and was recognized as an inaugural Presidential Leadership Scholar.

Recent Articles by Neill Sciarrone

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Despite major advancements in technology, the global approach to cybersecurity has remained the same for decades: Respond and recover. The same vulnerabilities are repeatedly exploited in similar ways, and this trend shows no signs of slowing because current security tools do not actually address the roots of attacks. Even new artificial intelligence and machine learning […]

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