Nazli Yuzak

Nazli Yuzak

Nazli Yuzak has been the director of digital strategy and optimization at iQuanti for more than a year.

As the head of CRO practice at iQuanti, she leads the designing digital growth strategies for Fortune 500 companies by leveraging latest conversion rate optimization (CRO) solutions, including mobile testing, A/B & MVT testing, journey testing, targeting and personalization. Her responsibilities include: developing strategies for potential new clients to demonstrate how CRO can help them accomplish their digital marketing goals and working across account, engagement and CRO teams to ensure high-quality delivery to their existing clients.

Yuzak is a digitally grown, growth-focused, modern marketer. She invests most of her time in analyzing data, identifying trends, developing future-forward ideas and growth strategies and defining execution plans. At the same time, she’s also thinking of creating operational efficiency, cross-functional collaboration and development opportunities for her team. She’s passionate about what she does and brings to the table a relentless energy to change and improve things in the environments she works in.

Her digital marketing/ecommerce experience spans more than 10 years and covers lead generation and revenue focus in various .com projects in industries such as education and technology (B2C and B2B.)

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