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Munzoor Shaikh

Munzoor Shaikh

Munzoor Shaikh is a director in West Monroe Partners’ healthcare practice, with a primary focus on managed care, health insurance, population health and wellness. Munzoor has more than 15 years of experience in management and technology consulting, which he applies to drive business transformation for West Monroe’s healthcare clients.

Recent Articles by Munzoor Shaikh

A New Dimension in Population Health

With the healthcare landscape changing from fee-for-service to fee-for-value models, healthcare provider systems (hospitals, clinics, independent physician associations, etc.) are now, more than ever, under pressure to effectively manage the health and cost outcomes of their given populations. Under such models, providers are not only providing healthcare service to the patients, but they are also […]

Why to Start Small on Healthcare IT

In a recent article by CIO, the volume of healthcare data at the end of 2013 was estimated at just over 150 exabytes, and it is expected to climb north of 2,300 exabytes by 2020—a growth rate of 1,500% in just seven years. In response, both healthcare payers and providers are increasing their investments in technology […]

To Go Big (Data), Try Starting Small

Just about every organization in every industry is rolling in data—and that means an abundance of opportunities to use that data to transform operations, improve performance and compete more effectively. “Big data” has caught the attention of many—and perhaps nowhere more than in the healthcare industry, which has volumes of fragmented data ready to be […]

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