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Mike Henry

Mike Henry is the founder of the Lead Change Group. Known nationally as a character-based leadership coach and committed leader, Mike’s passion is mobilizing people and communities to apply character-based leadership to make a positive difference.

His passion is helping leaders grow leaders. He helps leaders grow as leaders and grow other leaders within their business or non-profit organization. He has experience in multiple industries and functional areas to help managers learn to take responsibility, make informed choices and self-develop and grow as leaders.

Mike developed the “Leader From The Pack” Curriculum designed to develop management agility in new and growing leaders. The training teaches leadership in four dimensions: your team, your peers, your suppliers, and your leaders.

Mike is skilled at developing leaders at all levels of an organization, affecting change through win-win team building and relationship management, an affinity for ideas, a why not attitude and a bias for action. His combined track record in technology and operations leadership provides cross-functional relevance and impact.

He is creative, inquisitive, and driven to implement the best solutions and exceed expectations with character, integrity and quality as a central focus.

Recent Articles by Mike Henry

Busting 3 Myths on Engaging Employees

I recently read another post about why people hate their jobs and what employers can do about it. The post, published in USA Today and titled “The Motley Fool: Why you hate your job,” is just another attention grab. It really contains very little from a fresh perspective. To their credit, they do cite the […]

How Vulnerability Can Make Us Stronger

Trust is a key to accomplishment through relationships. Trust lubricates relationships. It lets people work as a team. Trust provides room to move and enables everyone to perform at their best. Trust isn’t the only key to successful teams, but very few succeed without trust. One of the key ingredients of trust is vulnerability. We […]

The Opposite Of Leader

Sometimes, a description of what something is not helps to also describe what it is. This past week, we had another Lead Change Tulsa breakfast dialogue and the topic was Effectively Leading Diverse Organizations. Over 40 people, many new to Lead Change, joined us for this discussion. Teri Aulph (@TeriAulph) generally enlists the panelists and […]

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