Michael Stankard

Michael Stankard

Mike Stankard leads the industrial & materials practice group that focuses on growth with major industrial manufacturers including (but not limited to) the following sub-industries: automotive, metals, industrial equipment, building materials, construction/agricultural equipment and defense contractors.

Stankard has applied his technical background in risk consulting, risk financing program design, mergers and acquisitions and client relationship management to large corporations in the manufacturing sector throughout his 30 year career with a specific focus on original equipment manufacturers and major parts suppliers in the automotive industry. His areas of expertise include the development of risk financing and risk management service programs for the middle market and global segment of the manufacturing industry.

Prior to his current automotive industry assignment, Stankard was responsible for managing Aon’s Michigan operations as well as its predecessor company, Alexander & Alexander of MI. He has served as account executive of major clients engagements such as General Motors Corporation and held the position of senior casualty broker for Fortune 500 clients.

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