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Michael Shaw

Michael D. Shaw is an MIT-trained biochemist and former protégée of the late Willard Libby, the 1960 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Shaw is a frequent writer and speaker about a variety of public health issues.

Recent Articles by Michael Shaw

Vaping, Compliance and Rewarding Safety

A phrase about fire should read more like an expression about fiery rhetoric, because where there’s smoke inhalation, there’s a cloud of confusion. The smoke comes from vapors of misinformation about an industry in which the good deserve recognition and the compliant warrant respect, in which those who comply with the law uphold the letter […]

The Right Policies for a Pandemic

Policies for a pandemic should begin with a review of existing policies for small businesses. To ensure COVID-19 does not further weaken the economy, insurers should work to increase the flow of goods and services; to infuse businesses with the lifeblood necessary to recover from a plague; and to remove the pox on houses of […]

The Power of Lending a Hand

During the worst pandemic in a century, amid the most upheaval in a half-century, the insurance industry faces challenges larger than dollars and cents. Larger still is the need for insurers to have the common sense to communicate with the public, to communicate a plan of action and act with compassion. A tweet, therefore, does […]

The Right Counsel for the Right Coverage

As a scientist, I value clarity—in every sense of the word. From the work I do to the conclusions I draw to the products (or policies) I buy, I act based on the clarity of the terms and conditions of the documents I sign; or choose not to sign, if the language is unclear, the […]

Prophets and Profits: Insurers’ Message

Consider this column a sequel to my piece about life insurance. Consider the connection between promoting a policy and selling a product, because what my previous column mentions, that insurers need to better explain what they mean, has greater meaning—right now. Because my own review of how insurers advertise suggests that their advertising does not work. […]

Selling the Urgency of Life Insurance

The most essential things are not always the essentials people have or know they need to buy.  Life insurance is one such thing not enough people have, given that the lives and livelihoods of many depend on the security that insurers can provide.  To provide for the survivors, to care for a man’s widow and […]

Health Benefits of Smart Appliances

If our eyes give us the power to see misery and want, if our greatest power is the ability to change what we see—to improve the lives of the poor, hearing their sighs and lessening their sorrows—then insurers can do likewise. More to the point, insurers can help those of many means save one: the […]

Tech That Helps With Diabetic Ulcers

More than an asset, technology is an indispensable ally of the insurance industry. Technology in all its forms, from tools that streamline operations to innovations that offer people a reprieve from undergoing a series of operations. Technology that saves lives without sacrificing limbs. Technology that spares insurers the cost of irreversible procedures. Technology that spares […]

A Letter to Insurers About Newsletters

Insurers have a right to air their opinions. Insurers have the freedom to advance their opinions—to advertise their opinions—and criticize hospitals for rising healthcare costs. But insurers should not disguise their opinions with the veil of impartiality, as if they don’t have a commercial interest involving healthcare reform. What should be obvious to readers, what […]

Momentous Change and Mobile Devices

Technology is the foundation of the insurance industry: the means to solve or approximate answers to questions about the cost and availability of insurance, in addition to ways to reduce risk, improve service and expand coverage. When technology makes it easier to track possessions, when people can see—in real time—the whereabouts of goods they pay […]

Educating Smokers: the Best Insurance

Picture a field army of insurance agents, whose mission is to help people live longer and no longer suffer from an addiction that benefits no one, not even the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy. Picture these agents not in fatigues but shirt sleeves, campaigning like citizen soldiers and delivering relief to their respective communities. […]

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