Michael Henk

Michael Henk

Michael is an actuarial consultant with the Milwaukee office of Milliman. He joined the firm in 2006. Michael’s areas of expertise are property and casualty insurance, particularly mortgage guaranty insurance, statistics, predictive modeling and data management and programming. He has extensive experience analyzing mortgage insurance risk as it relates to domestic and international reserves, reinsurance and state housing finance agencies. His background includes consulting assignments for most of the nation’s private mortgage insurers, several small public mortgage insurers, financial guaranty insurers and several government agencies.

Recent Articles by Michael Henk

What Blockchain Means for Insurance

Imagine an insurance industry without paperwork, a system where some claims are verified and handled almost instantly and applications/renewals are approved nearly as fast. Imagine being able to minimize fraudulent claims or loss adjustment expenses with a massive, decentralized database that leverages real-time data sources of almost unimaginable size. Imagine the cost savings to your […]

How to Handle Pirates, Kidnappings, Ransom

Imagine that your job involves negotiating with international criminal organizations or, at the very least, assisting those who do. No, you do not work for some mercenary military force or in illicit arms and drug deals; you work in insurance. It may seem like the start of a movie, but it is a very real […]

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