Michael Curran

Michael Curran

Michael P. Curran is president and CEO of Force Diagnostics and brings 25 years of proven experience as a senior operating executive, corporate strategist and venture capitalist inside the financial services industry, with a focus on insurance.    

Curran is the former director of strategic development for Allstate, with responsibility for managing a $90 million corporate venture portfolio and negotiating strategic alliance transactions on behalf of the firm.

Curran has been a board member, consultant and adviser to the early stage technology market for entities in information technology, business services, health informatics, internet infrastructure, specialty materials and wireless communication verticals, as well as venture capital funds and family offices focused on early-stage technologies and financial services.

Recent Articles by Michael Curran

Rapid Diagnostics for Life Policies

For years, insurance companies have taken steps to improve the life insurance underwriting experience in the hope of removing obstacles and decreasing not-taken ratios. To that end, some have forgone the traditional exam altogether in favor of simplified issue. But the truth is, consumers still aren’t flocking to life insurers, and the results of these efforts have been incremental. […]

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