Michael Coupland

Michael Coupland

Michael Coupland is a charter psychologist, is a registered psychologist and was a certified rehabilitation counselor (inactive as of 3/31/16). He co-founded three national disability evaluations companies that have performed more than 250,000 evaluations.

He is the developer of the AssessAbility Functional Medicine Evaluation and Functional Psychological Evaluation systems. He is author of the COPE with Pain program and Supervised Withdrawal of Opioids Program (SWOP) for chronic pain intervention and national practice leader for a national network of psychologists and addiction medicine providers for the COPE and SWOP programs.

He is a chapter author of the AMA 6th Ed. Guidelines companion text Guides to the Evaluation of Functional Ability and author of Psychosocial Interventions for Chronic Pain Management, The International Journal of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions; Fall 2009.

Coupland was honored in 2014 with the Top 50 People in Workers Compensation award from the SEAK organization.

Recent Articles by Michael Coupland

How to Identify Psychosocial Risks

We know that early intervention is critical to prevent delayed recoveries for injured workers. One of the challenges has been to identify those at higher risk of poor outcomes. Fortunately, we have the tools to determine which patients are more likely to develop chronic pain and languish in a disability mindset. The process is fairly […]

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