Matt Reid

Matt Reid

Matt Reid is managing director of JBA Risk Management Inc. Working previously as vice president of strategy and business development at Risk Management Solutions, Reid brings over 30 years of experience to his role at JBA. He is responsible for building JBA’s presence in the U.S., which plays a vital part in the company’s global business development.

Recent Articles by Matt Reid

Need for Context in Assessing Flood Risk

Florida is the highest-risk state for storm surge, with an estimated 2.8 million single family homes at risk and a replacement value of $581 billion, according to the 2019 Private Flood Insurance Report. Yet, in Florida, there are only 1.7 million NFIP policies reported in force, suggesting a huge opportunity for private insurers. Even so, […]

Using High-Resolution Data for Flood Risk

More than 200 million people and two-thirds of the 48 contiguous states are at risk from flooding, according to Edward Clark, director of the U.S. National Water Center. This demonstrates the major threat that flooding poses to the reinsurance industry in the U.S. In light of this hazard, the U.S. private insurance market is growing, […]

How Tech Improves Flood Modeling

Flood is a complex natural catastrophe, with great variations across small spatial areas, producing extremely localized effects. Sometimes, one property may be badly flooded while its neighbor two doors down is spared. As a result, managing flood risk is often seen as a challenge by U.S. insurers. In fact, although 90% of all natural disasters […]

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