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Matthew Grant

Matthew Grant

Matthew Grant is the founder of Abernite and a partner with Instech London, one of the leading insurtech communities in Europe.

He spent more than 20 years driving the growth in the use of catastrophe models worldwide.

Today, he works with the CEOs and executive teams of many of the best-known and fastest-growing data and analytics companies serving the insurance market. He provides strategic support for market definition, sales, marketing communication and investment.

Recent Articles by Matthew Grant

Crowdsourcing 6 Themes for 2021

After the roller coaster of 2020, it’s a brave soul who’s willing to commit to what 2021 will look like. But running a global network of talented and successful people means that Robin Merttens and I have been able to dip into the collective wisdom of 20 of our friends and supporters from InsTech London. In an hour-long Zoom […]

Free Insurance Data You’ll Need

The world is awash with data, but it’s still surprisingly hard to find reliable statistics on what is happening in and around insurance. If you’re creating a business plan, sizing up a market opportunity, creating content or assessing an investment, finding the data to make your case can be hard. Or expensive. I’ve been building […]

Parametric Insurance: 12 Firms to Know

If you’ve read Part One of this series, you’ll have got your crash course in parametric insurance and can now call yourself an expert (relatively speaking). In the article, I promised to give a short overview of the 12 companies I think worth looking at that are examples of how parametric insurance works, and what […]

Parametric Insurance: Is It the Future?

Read this, and you’ll be on your way to knowing more than 99% of what anyone else in insurance knows about a topic that’s attracting a lot of interest. That makes you an expert, in my opinion. The debate is heating up just now about who should pick up the cost for messy losses — […]

COVID-19: Innovation, Your Time Has Come

Insurance has a fatal flaw. Few of us want to be reminded of how dangerous the world is. Cars crash, buildings burn, accidents happen. Usually to other people. So, unless we are highly sensitive to risk, unless we are unusually thoughtful about the future or unless regulation requires it, we don’t care much about insurance. Recently, that […]

Future of Insurance Is Clear (but Hard)

It’s been more than four years since the term “insurtech” was coined. Back then, a surge in interest in deploying new technology, data and analytics to improve all parts of the insurance buying process held the potential for radical change. Disruption in financial services saw the emergence of challenger banks. Today, costs have been reduced, […]

MGAs: The Fast Track to Innovation?

They sit in a hazy nether region between brokers and insurers. Outside of insurance, most people will never hear of them. Even those who know of their existence are often only vaguely aware of the role they play. Yet MGAs (managing general agents) offer one of the best ways for new, and established, companies to […]

Heading Toward a Data Disaster

On July 6, 1988, the Piper Alpha oil platform exploded. 167 people died. Much of the insurance was with what became known as the London Market Excess of Loss (LMX) Spiral, a tightly knit and badly managed web of insurance policies. Losses cascaded up and around the market. The same insurers were hit again and […]

Why Is Data on U.S. Property So Poor?

How a building is constructed and maintained and where it is located all have a massive impact on its potential to be damaged or destroyed. That knowledge is as old as insurance itself. So why do so many underwriters still suffer from lack of decent data about the buildings they insure? And when better data […]

Cyber: Black Hole or Huge Opportunity?

You own a house. It burns down. Your insurer only pays out 15% of the loss. That’s a serious case of under-insurance. You’d wonder why you bothered with insurance in the first place. In reality, massive under-insurance is very rare for conventional property fire losses. But what about cyber insurance? In 2017, the total global […]

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