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Martin Agather

Martin Agather

Marty Agather is a proven thought leader and accomplished writer and speaker on insurance innovation. He blogs frequently on insurance topics. In addition, Agather speaks at insurance industry conferences and events on varied topics.

Recent Articles by Martin Agather

3 Myths That Inhibit Innovation (Part 3)

As explored in two prior posts, there are a number of classes of myths surrounding insurance innovation. In Part I , we looked at how a lack of urgency caused by multiple factors leads to strategic complacency. Part II discussed how that lack of urgency combined with concerns about the financial impacts of innovation efforts […]

3 Myths That Inhibit Innovation (Part 2)

Even though senior leaders in many insurance organizations realize that innovation is an imperative in the current environment, there are many reasons that success is difficult. There are some legitimate roadblocks, but many of the reasons that innovation efforts are either never started or, more troubling, never successfully completed are falsehoods. In the first installment […]

3 Myths That Inhibit Innovation (Part 1)

As the pace of change accelerates, the chances that incumbent businesses will be affected or displaced grows. According to a recent CB Insights report, insurance is one of the top five industries facing disruption risk; 85% of surveyed corporate strategists believe that innovation is critical for their organizations. Yet the vast majority are focused on […]

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