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Mark Watson

Mark Watson

Mark E. Watson is a venture capitalist, philanthropist and CEO who is fully invested in seeing companies reach their full potential.

For over three decades he has led businesses to immense success, the most prominent of which being Argo Group, a specialty insurance and reinsurance provider. Under Watson’s leadership, Argo Group went from being nearly insolvent to grossing over $3 billion in revenue as a multinational company.

Through his current role as CEO at Aquila Capital Partners, a proprietary capital investment fund founded in 1998, Watson backs the next generation of entrepreneurs building innovative, technology-enabled companies.

Recent Articles by Mark Watson

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More insurtech startups were launched in the last two years than in the previous 10. The brightest minds are developing new ideas and forging new paths in the insurance industry, but the reality is that significant change is a little further down the line. We need structural change long before the process of buying and […]

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