Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace is an experienced leader who helps businesses and entrepreneurs to accelerate growth. He founded Justellus, a company that provides executive level sales and marketing services. He headed sales for Sonicbids, Mzinga and Shared Insights. He led customer acquisition, social media and community for Environmental Data Resources, a division of the Daily Mail. He was the head of sales and an officer of DCI, a pioneer in the high-tech events industry.

His work has been recognized for many awards, including a Forrester Groundswell. He began his career at TAD Technical on the finance team.

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The Unique Skills in Each Generation

Based on when we’re born, we’re automatically a member of a generation, a group that’s generally been exposed to the same influences, events, and pressures. For those reasons, those groups, or generations, often exhibit shared characteristics. Luckily, each generation has something different and valuable to offer the workplace. Take the youngest people in your office: […]

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