Mark Eastham

Mark Eastham

Mark Eastham is the CEO of Avantia, the technology-enabled insurer behind HomeProtect, which is one of the U.K.’s leading providers in non-standard home insurance. Eastham has been instrumental in the development of Avantia’s fully delegated virtual insurance business model and proprietary technology platform.

Recent Articles by Mark Eastham

How Non-Standard Became the Standard

Non-standard insurance is no longer exceptional. The nature of risk is ever-evolving as the way we live continues to change. Factors such as climate change are becoming a much bigger issue and have significant implications both for insurance providers and homeowners. The evidence of this shift is all around us. Just a couple of weeks […]

Is There No Such Thing as a Bad Risk?

It’s a well-trodden truth in our industry that not all risks are created equal. And that, for insurers, some risks are riskier than others. But progress marches on, and new technologies mean new avenues of innovation for insurers to explore. And with that, the opportunity to drastically improve risk pricing around more complex perils ought […]

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