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Mark Beagle

Mark Beagle

Mark Beagle is executive director at SALT Associates. He is responsible for providing consulting services as well as driving new business opportunities in the disability, life and long-term-care markets.

With extensive experience in claims management and operations, he is a demonstrated transformation program leader who strives for continual process improvement and employee development to increase value to his customers.

He is a sought-after conference speaker on long-term care and claims management and holds many industry certifications in both the life and LTC industries.

Recent Articles by Mark Beagle

Context Is Key to Unlocking LTC Data

Long-term care (LTC) insurance is no stranger to large amounts of data. However, in my 10-plus years in an LTC claim operations role, there is a piece of data I’m surprised continues to be shared without the proper context – claim terminations for people labeled “recovered.” Across the industry, this piece of data is used […]

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