Mariana Dumont

Mariana Dumont

Mariana Dumont is the head of U.S. operations at Insurance Nexus and is currently focused on helping carriers to transform claims processes to deliver a seamless claims experience. This includes continually looking for new trends and technologies that have an impact on the insurance industry and leading a number of core projects that reflect the Insurance Nexus engagement with this industry.

Recent Articles by Mariana Dumont

The Switch to Preventing Claims

To some, it is magic. To insurance, it is reality. The ability to accurately discern the past and predict the future based on nothing but data points and the long-lived experience of actuaries and adjusters has served the industry well, allowing insurance to become a multibillion-dollar industry. The picture has changed dramatically in recent years, […]

21st Century Claims: Boosting Efficiency

The voice of the customer has never been so important to business; a growing number of customers now rely on the reviews and experiences of others to help guide their purchasing decisions, and this trend will only increase as millennials make up a greater portion of insurance carriers’ customer bases. This should be viewed as […]

How Claims Process Must Drive Change

The arguments surrounding the need for change in the insurance industry have largely been won. In recent years, dramatically increasing regulations, competition and customer expectations, along with dwindling resources and shortages of technical skills, have combined to produce an environment of uncertainty. All too often, insurance carriers have tended to push what they have been […]

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