Lutz Kiesewetter

Lutz Kiesewetter

Lutz Kiesewetter is head of IR & PR at DFV (Deutsche Familienversicherung). He was part of the DFV-Team which realised the first Insurtech-IPO in Europe last year.

Recent Articles by Lutz Kiesewetter

Voice Is the Future – Even for Insurance?

“It’s only a gimmick.” When I heard myself saying this a few years ago about voice-activated assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, I almost bit my tongue afterward. This was because such arguments were almost always a sure sign of the coming market maturity of a technology, and I was usually accustomed to hearing […]

How Unknown Insurtech Achieved IPO

On Dec. 4, 2018, the first insurtech IPO in the West happened. It wasn’t, however, in London, Berlin or New York. Instead, it took place in Frankfurt, Germany. Around the world, congratulations rolled in, wishing the company the best with its freshly raised money. Only 12 months earlier, hardly anyone in the international insurance or […]

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