Louie Castoria

Louie Castoria

Louie H. Castoria is the Director of Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck’s West Coast Professional Liability Practice Group. He represents and defends financial and professional services clients, including accountants, lawyers, insurance and real estate agents and brokers and businesses covered under “miscellaneous” professional liability policies, in venues throughout California and in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). He also represents insurance companies as coverage, monitoring, and litigating counsel in coverage matters.

Louie recognizes that being an effective advocate requires a broad understanding of the client’s business or practice. Litigation sometimes exacerbates the client’s economic or regulatory exposure, so while a vigorous defense is needed, all options must be considered early in the case. Louie’s problem-solving skills are often key to achieving favorable outcomes for his clients. As a California-trained mediator, he looks beyond “positions” to identify the core interests at stake, and follows the motto: “Box? What box?”

Louie is an award-winning writer. In his legal practice and his frequent scholarly and other writings he follows the journalistic edict “don’t bury the lead,” always conveying the essential information and the main argument at the outset. A leader in education, Louie chairs the Board of Directors of the Insurance Educational Association ( and has developed many continuing education programs for lawyers and other professionals. He authored three chapters of Agents of America’s series, Insurance Agency Risk Management (Thomson Reuters, 2013-2014), and two units of the revised curriculum for the Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) designation, at the request of PLUS, the Professional Liability Underwriting Society.

Louie has lectured throughout the country on insurance, tort reform and technology issues. He has twice chaired the PLUS D&O West Symposium, chaired the PLUS Events Committee, and has served on the PLUS International Conference Committee. He is an invited lecturer at seminars sponsored by legal and insurance industry groups, including PLUS, the California State Bar Association, Insurance Brokers and Agents of the West, Institute for International Research, American Conference Institute, Insurance Federation of New York, and Pacific Claims Executive Association, among others. He also conducts mock trials at insurance industry and professional organization meetings, often illustrating how liability exposures to insurers, reinsurers and businesses can be reduced.

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