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Lori Brassell

Lori Brassell

Lori Brassell-Cicchini is vice president for ESIS Catastrophe Services. Based in El Dorado Hills, CA, Brassell-Cicchini is responsible for the development of customized programs for clients that have sustained third party catastrophic losses.With more than 30 years of industry experience, Brassell-Cicchini has specialized expertise in the rapid deployment of dedicated resources to provide on-site claim response and management to assist companies in their efforts to preserve their reputation, financial health and shareholder value in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. Brassell-Cicchini and her team service clients in the petrochemical, transportation, construction, utility and product manufacturing industries.

Brassell-Cicchini holds a bachelor of science degree in political science and criminal justice from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. In 2010, she received special recognition from the U.S. Coast Guard and the BP Unified Commander for her efforts during the BP Deepwater oil spill.

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