Linda Ginac

Linda Ginac

Linda Ginac is the founder and CEO of TalentGuard, a global provider of award-winning career pathing and talent management software.

Inventive and driven, she is known throughout the industry for disrupting HR technology and is the inventor of the first commercially available career pathing software solution designed to optimize employee engagement and retention.

Prior to TalentGuard, Ginac was a key executive at pcOrder, where she helped to transform an early stage startup into a leading, NASDAQ-listed public corporation. She also held executive roles at other startups and Fortune 100 companies.

She is an advocate of women’s leadership and empowerment and has led various prominent charities, including the Young Women’s Alliance and American Cancer Society.

Recent Articles by Linda Ginac

Helping Employees Find Best Career Path

According to a recent Gallup study, more than one in three employees have changed jobs within the past three years. Among this group, common driving forces behind the change included gaining an improved work-life balance, having opportunities to do the work they want to do in the best environment possible and feeling valued as an […]

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