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Laurel Di Silvestro

Laurel Di Silvestro

Laurel Di Silvestro is principal client services manager at CyberCube. She is responsible for managing successful client adoption of a suite of CyberCube probabilistic cyber catastrophe risk management models and data products.

CyberCube was established in 2015 by Symantec to apply the cybersecurity company’s unique sources of data, intelligence and expertise to cyber insurance analytics and now operates as a standalone company with continued access to Symantec data and resources.

Recent Articles by Laurel Di Silvestro

How CAT Models Are Extending to Cyber

The insurance industry relies heavily on catastrophe modeling to set capital adequacy, adhere and respond to evolving regulatory requirements and stress test portfolios. The same is now increasingly true of the cyber catastrophe sphere, in which key areas of focus include how models can help with capital allocation, stress testing and informing development of underwriting […]

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