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Laura Zaroski

Laura Zaroski

Laura Zaroski is the vice president of management and employment practices liability at Socius Insurance Services. As an attorney with expertise in employment practices liability insurance, in addition to her role as a producer, Zaroski acts as a resource with respect to Socius’ employment practices liability book of business. She is available to assist with limits analysis and coverage or claims issues for existing and prospective insureds.

Zaroski came to Socius after being a partner in the Chicago office of O’Hagan Spencer. She was the head of the insurance coverage and claims management department at O’Hagan.

Throughout her legal career, Zaroski has represented various domestic insurance companies as well as London-based insurers as coverage and claims management counsel. She had a diverse practice and extensive experience developing and handling insurance programs. Zaroski specialized in the areas of employment practices, management liability, attorney malpractice, real estate professionals, cyber/privacy and miscellaneous errors and omissions policies. In addition to her claims and coverage work, Zaroski also served as counsel in various insurance insolvencies, liquidation proceedings and commutations. 

As claims management and coverage counsel, Zaroski’s experience involved counseling clients in the drafting of policies, program creation, examining claim exposure, effective claims-handling techniques, litigation management and, most importantly, effective resolution and settlement negotiation techniques. Zaroski provided detailed claims review and liability analysis, counseled as to cost-effective defense strategies and negotiated favorable settlements for hundreds of cases nationwide. Zaroski has participated in countless mediations, settlement conferences and dispute resolution forums. 

Zaroski is a frequent speaker regarding claims handling and risk management and has co-written several articles in EEO Update on the subject of employment law, including Addressing Employment Discrimination Complaints and Employment Practices Liability Insurance and the PLUS Journal. She is a certified mediator and has served as a volunteer mediator for the Center for Conflict Resolution. She is a member of the Insurance Associates, (a division of the Association of Lloyds’ brokers), the Professional Liability Underwriting Society and the American Bar Association.

Zaroski received her J.D. from the University of Toledo School of Law and holds a B.A. from Ohio State University.

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Last week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its data for FY 2014 for enforcement litigation related to employment practices liability (EPL). Continuing a recent trend, the EEOC reported that the percentage of charges that contained retaliation claims rose to a record 43% in 2014. This is significant for EPL because the elements that an employee must establish with […]

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Gradually, over the last four-plus years, several management liability insurance (MLI) carriers have shifted their underwriting appetite and guidelines nationally, most dramatically in California. These changes have included some combination of: ·         Increased rates ·         Increased retentions ·         Reductions in coverage ·         Reductions in total limits offered ·         Reductions or removal of wage and hour defense cost sub-limits ·         Non-renewal of […]

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