Laura Hutton

Laura Hutton

Laura Hutton is the head of fraud at Quantexa, a company pioneering the field of financial crime detection with its AI-powered analytics platform. Hutton is a fraud and financial markets expert with over 10 years’ experience helping the largest retail and investment banks fight against fraud.

In the wake of the Jérôme Kerviel scandal, Hutton pioneered the contextual monitoring approach to trader surveillance that is used industry-wide today. Prior to founding Quantexa, Hutton was director of banking fraud for SAS EMEA/AP, having started her career in the early days of BAE System’s Detica NetReveal.

Recent Articles by Laura Hutton

Fighting Fraud With Data Analytics

The FBI reports that the total cost of insurance fraud is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year, costing the average U.S. family – in the form of increased premiums – between $400 and $700. A long-established and growing problem, insurance fraud has its many guises – ranging from tiny, one-off opportunistic cases […]

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