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Lakshan De Silva

Lakshan De Silva

Lakshan De Silva is the chief technology officer at Intellect SEEC, He is an experienced global executive who has worked across technology, venture capital, insurance, wealth management, construction, manufacturing and mining.

He has worked in corporations across the globe and has rounded off his experience with an MBA and a couple of exec programs, but please don’t hold that against him, as he is busily unlearning everything he learned over the last 20 years to stay relevant for the next 20.

As CTO, he is bringing in exponential technology that will define the next 10 years for the Intellect SEEC products. His current projects revolve around AI and blockchain.

He holds global patents in several technologies and is an investor and adviser to numerous fintech startups.

He is a sports fan, music aficionado and animal lover. His claim to fame is that he has trained his pet bulldog Mortimer to obey him whenever the bulldog wants to.

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