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Laila Beane

Laila Beane

Laila Beane is chief marketing officer and head of consulting at Intellect SEEC. She is an insurtech evangelist and a highly accomplished leader with more than 20 years of experience.

She has held various leadership positions in the manufacturing and insurance sectors, including at Motorola, ACORD and Allstate. Beane has successfully led multimillion-dollar digital transformation strategies and has been featured as a panelist at numerous industry events, including at ACORD and the American Fraternal Alliance webinar series and various LOMA events.

She graduated from the University of Illinois with a masters degree in computer science.

Recent Articles by Laila Beane

Why Move the Establishment?

The business of insurance has undergone drastic changes globally. In my recent article¬†The Vote Against The Establishment, I noted that new entrant Lemonade paid a claim in three seconds. The growth of chatbots and claimbots is another attestation of the smart digital age, which is growing in the use of sophisticated technologies, including natural language […]

Raising the Bar on User Experience

Industries all over the world have faced a digital renaissance. Companies like Amazon and Uber have grabbed the markets with amazing user interfaces (UI) and bespoke user experiences (UX), pushing them to the top of their game. Now imagine a world where insurance is effortless, something that tirelessly works in the background while you enjoy […]

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