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Kyle Nakatsuji

Kyle Nakatsuji

Kyle Nakatsuji is a principal at American Family Ventures, the venture capital arm of American Family Insurance, where he is focused on identifying and supporting early-stage companies affecting the future of the insurance industry. American Family Ventures invests across a variety of sectors, including IoT, Fintech, SaaS and data/analytics.

Prior to working at American Family, Nakatsuji was a corporate attorney focused on emerging company business matters, including financing transactions and M&A. He has also worked in strategy, finance and legal roles with a number of start-up companies.

Nakatsuji holds a J.D. and M.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Recent Articles by Kyle Nakatsuji

So Your Start-Up Will Sell Insurance?

Selling insurance is complicated. Not impenetrable, but complicated. The sales process is sort of like a tangled piece of string— it’s easy to see the beginning and end but hard to figure out what’s happening in the middle. When you start untangling, you’ll find prospect lists, telemarketing, direct mail, traditional marketing and web-based lead generators […]

New Products and Combined Approaches

At American Family Ventures, we think advances in product development will have a dramatic impact on the insurance industry. We’re also excited about new insurance experiences that combine “Insurance 2.0” distribution, structural and product innovation. We’ll discuss both subjects below. Product Before we dive in, let’s define a few things. We consider an “insurance product” to […]

Is P2P a Realistic Alternative?

At American Family Ventures, we believe “Insurance 2.0.” will be, in part, shaped by structural innovation. The traditional insurance structure of centralized risk-pooling has been around for a long time. Unsurprisingly, it is also subject to heavy regulation. As a result, many entrepreneurs are using new approaches to lower regulatory burdens or unlock value through decentralization. Two […]

Insurance 2.0: How Distribution Evolves

At American Family Ventures, we believe changes to insurance will happen in three ways: incrementally, discontinuously over the near term and discontinuously over the long term. We refer to each of these changes in the context of a “version’ of insurance,” respectively, “Insurance 1.1,” “Insurance 2.0” and “Insurance 3.0.” The incremental changes of “Insurance 1.1” […]

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