Kal Nasser

Kal Nasser

Kal Nasser is a software developer, until recently with X by 2, a technology consulting firm in Farmington Hills, Mich., that specializes in IT transformation projects for the insurance industry. Its hands-on experts provide planning, architecture, leadership, turnaround and implementation services.

Kal designs and implements enterprise solutions, working with clients’ developers and business stakeholders remotely and onsite. Recent projects include helping an insurer implement its new claims systems and handling the integration layer for legacy systems, and working on a customer self-serve web application for viewing and changing policies. He has a background in software product development for native and managed environments for both the front-end and server side.

Recent Articles by Kal Nasser

Do ‘Agile’ Methods for Software Work?

Past wisdom in software development held that the proper sequence of events should start with perfect requirements, followed by perfect design and planning, ending with implementation. The flexibility promised by agile methodologies of software development, according to that view, is as costly as allowing for the possibility that the kitchen in a half-built house is […]

Translating Business Logic Into Code

Imagine a science-fiction novel involving a computer that becomes independent of humans. It runs their affairs and takes care of their lives, but few, if any, know its inner workings.  But that isn’t science fiction. There are lots of business systems that no one fully understands, designed by people who no longer maintain it, encompassing […]

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