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Justin Peters

Justin Peters

Justin Peters, currently 21 years old, works for an insurance brokerage near St. Louis. He started his career as an intern more than two years ago, with little exposure to the industry and no initial decision to pursue a position in the field after graduation.

He became fascinated with ways he could help the industry grow and attract the employees of the future. With the series, “Thoughts From an Insurance Millennial,” he hopes to address the hot topic of how to attract new talent to the industry but from a different vantage point: that of a young, ambitious individual already working in the industry. The series will include creative ideas on recruiting, retaining, evaluating performance and other issues.

He welcomes ideas, suggestions for articles or constructive criticism.

Recent Articles by Justin Peters

4 Reasons for Millennials to Choose Careers in Insurance

It’s the beginning of May. That means over the next month a huge group of college students hit graduation day and begin a new journey in their lives. I have many friends who are graduating, and I can already start to sense some panic about what lies ahead for them after graduation. For many of […]

Training Millennials: Just Add Toppings

So, you took my advice and recently hired some 20-something, baby-faced college graduate based on his ambition and determination, hoping he’ll turn into one of your key, high potential youths. But you quickly realized he lacks the real-world knowledge many of your other hires bring with them. Let’s face it, many Millennials lack relevant experience […]

The First Step in Recruiting Millennials

Now that your efforts have made some Millennials flock toward working in the insurance industry, you need to start recruiting them for your open positions. (If they aren’t yet flocking, read my past article to get some ideas on how to get them to do so: Thoughts From an Insurance Millennial.) But if you are […]

Thoughts From an Insurance Millennial

The risk management and insurance industry has become very concerned about how to attract young people and encourage them to pursue careers there. The industry has taken steps, including with programs such as MyPath  and InVEST, which educate students and young professionals about the industry and career paths that could fit their interests. Looking at the […]

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