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Joshua Motta

Joshua Motta

Joshua Motta is the CEO and co-founder of Coalition, which provides cyber insurance and security to more than 30,000 organizations in the US and Canada. Prior to Coalition, Motta was the CxO and head of special projects at Cloudflare (NYSE: NET), a $25 billion web infrastructure and security company, following roles at Goldman Sachs, the Central Intelligence Agency and Microsoft, among others.

Recent Articles by Joshua Motta

Does Cyber Insurance Add to Ransomware?

An increasing number of articles on the topic would have you believe so, and it is a question we’ve long pondered as one of the larger providers of cyber insurance in North America.   The Wall Street Journal just published an article, “As Ransomware Proliferates, Insuring for It Becomes Costly and Questioned,” highlighting a surge in […]

Cyber: The Spectre of Uninsurable Risk?

It’s been an awfully eventful start to the New Year. In case you’ve missed the news, two major security flaws have been discovered in the processors that power nearly all of the world’s computers. The two techniques discovered to exploit these flaws, nicknamed Meltdown and Spectre, could allow hackers to steal data and secrets from […]

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