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Joseph Paduda

Joseph Paduda

Joseph Paduda, the principal of Health Strategy Associates, is a nationally recognized expert in medical management in group health and workers’ compensation, with deep experience in pharmacy services. Paduda also leads CompPharma, a consortium of pharmacy benefit managers active in workers’ compensation.

In addition to consulting with managed care organizations, employers, health care providers, insurers and private equity firms, Health Strategy Associates conducts regular surveys on managing work comp pharmacy costs, utilization review, bill review systems and claims systems.

Paduda is also the prolific author of the controversial Managed Care Matters blog and a founder of Health Wonk Review, a collaborative blog on health care policy.

A respected media source, Paduda has been quoted in the New York Times, Business Week, Risk & Insurance, CFO magazine, Business Insurance and many other publications. He has appeared on Nightline and Fox Business’ Business for Breakfast. He has also written a number of articles that were published in Business Insurance, National Underwriter, Business Finance and CFO magazine.

Paduda is a popular speaker who is particularly adept at converting raw data into valuable, manageable knowledge that organizations can use to develop and refine their medical management programs. He is frequently invited to speak and keynote industry conferences. Speaking engagements include the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference, International Association of Industrial Accident Boards (IAIABC), American Insurance Association, Workers’ Compensation Institute and numerous state workers’ compensation conferences.

He is a member of the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) and the 2012 recipient of IAIABC’s President’s Award, recognizing his efforts to identify solutions to the opioid problem in workers’ compensation.

Before launching his consulting business in 1997, he held executive positions with major insurers, including Travelers, United Healthcare and Liberty Mutual. Paduda has a master’s of science degree in health management from American University.

Recent Articles by Joseph Paduda

A Self-Destructive Cycle in Insurance

We are stuck in a self-destructive cycle because an industry-wide culture that rejects true innovation leads to a huge talent deficit that prevents innovation. With few exceptions, there is little in the way of innovation, effective marketing, risk-taking, creativity and substantive investment in systems and technology in the insurance industry. That absence will be the […]

Media Coverage on Amazon Misses Point

The coverage of the Amazon/Berkshire Hathaway/JPMorgan healthcare initiative has been universal, breathless and mostly superficial. Scoffers, “experts” are gleefully predicting this attempt to do something really different will fail miserably, a victim of ignorance and hubris. While there are no guarantees, these naysayers ignore: the three CEOS and their staff are brilliant, powerful, have almost unlimited resources […]

Who’s Going to Pay for the Opioid Crisis?

Insurers are loosening policy language to allow more treatment for opioid addiction. Treatment centers and providers are opening, expanding and increasing services to meet growing demand. Workers’ comp requires treatment for those addicted to or dependent on opioids, leading to higher costs for employers, insurers and taxpayers. Medicaid will be saddled with much of the […]

Drones Reducing Accidents on Job

One of the most dangerous jobs in America is power-line maintenance. More than 330 people were killed last year due to falls and electrocution while working on power lines, and thousands more were injured. Now one energy company is employing sophisticated drones to monitor power lines, allowing workers to trade the sometimes-scary task of climbing way […]

Work Comp’s Future Is Not What You Think

Employment drives workers’ comp. More specifically: payroll, industry type and claim frequency. Employment is the end-all, be-all of workers’ comp — for premiums and policies on the front end and for getting workers’ comp patients back to work when claims do happen. So when a whole lot of jobs in a bunch of industries appear to be disappearing, we […]

What Is the Business of Workers’ Comp?

At the risk of alienating most people within the workers’ comp world, here’s how things look from my desk: Most workers’ comp executives – C-suite residents included – do not understand the business they are in. They think they are in the insurance business – and they are not. They are in the medical and […]

Workers’ Comp: Where the Smart Money Is…

What’s with all the investor interest in workers’ comp services? There are several dozen private equity (PE) firms looking hard at the workers’ comp services business today, with many pursuing acquisitions of companies large and small. While their approaches, priorities and goals may differ slightly, there are several reasons why their attention will likely persist […]

Therapy Charges Are Being Inflated

Your physical therapy (PT) costs may be $15 to $19 per visit higher than they should be. Here’s what’s going on: It’s common for therapists to perform multiple procedures at the same time on a single body part. Under nationally accepted standards (under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) National Correct Coding Initiative), the therapist is […]

Predictions for Work Comp in 2015

Once again, I’ll head out on a limb with saw firmly in hand… 1.  Aetna will NOT be able to sell the Coventry workers’ comp services (CWCS) division.  I’ll double down on last year’s prediction: Even if the giant health plan wants to dump workers’ comp, the network – which is where all the profit is […]

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